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We are Film Guild - the biggest community and database of film professionals in Ukraine. Our vocation is to promote the development of Ukrainian professionals and the state media industry. The organization was founded in 2019 by Oleksandr Chernobrovkin. Nowadays Film Guild is a unique resource about film production that has no analogues in Ukraine. The platform has a set of tools that conduct media market research, data collection and analysis. This helps not only to identify problems and prospects for the development of an individual specialist or the film industry as a whole, but also to find the best ways to solve them. Such solutions are individual projects of the Film Guild. It does not matter whether you are a young specialist or a representative of a world-famous media holding - the website of the Film Guild will satisfy any of your requests.

For professionals providing services in the media industry, the Film Guild is

Employment provision

The Guild conducts an active advertising campaign of services of Ukrainian media specialists to customers on agency terms, which helps even newly registered users to find a job quickly. To do this, we create a general catalog of offers of specialists with branching by cost and type of content with examples (reels), which we send and advertise among potential customers of media content. You only need to sign up and fill out a questionnaire.

Service cost calculation

Don't know your price? The Film Guild knows! Our tool will help you calculate your competitive cost of services. The basis for calculations is a survey of thousands of specialists and producers on the subject of actual paid and received fees in the Ukrainian media market. The information is updated annually and helps to navigate the prices for services taking into account the personal skills of the specialist.


Networking is the most important tool for success in the profession. Several new acquaintances per week will increase everyone's opportunities. Our platform will organize your meeting in the best way and provide safety guarantees. In addition, you can not be limited only to your professional circle. Meetings with professionals from other fields of activity are no less interesting, because collaborations, mutual services and just a little more understanding of the activities of related colleagues are also important.

Ukrainian Film Society

If you are a Ukrainian film professional traveling the world, join the Ukrainian Film Society and find projects, information, support and just the opportunity to communicate in your native language with colleagues anywhere in the world.

Implementation of your own ideas

The advantage of the Film Guild is that everyone can realize their ideas and themselves here. You can turn from a performer into a customer or a creator of media content at any time and you do not need to leave the platform.

For customers and producers of media content, the Film Guild is

Database of Ukrainian media specialists

The largest database of film set and post-production specialists in Ukraine. Contains all the parameters necessary to search for specialists: average cost of a specialist, skill levels, types of projects of interest, experience in project categories and a lot of other information.

Average market rate

The basis for the calculations is a survey of thousands of specialists and producers on the actual fees paid and received in the Ukrainian media market. The information is updated annually and helps to navigate the prices for services, taking into account the personal skills of the specialist.

Project calculator

An automatic calculator that allows you to create a detailed and accurate budget for the creation of a media product, including pre-production, production and post-production, in a matter of minutes. The calculation automatically receives the cost rating of each item from the current database of average ratings of media specialists After the calculation, the tool provides the result in the format of an invoice in Ukrainian or English, ready to be sent to the client.

Database of CGI and VFX specialists

A database of CGI and VFX specialists, taking into account their skills in each individual specialization, software used by the specialist, personal flight, etc. Allows you to quickly assemble a team for post-production and significantly expands the capabilities of any studio.


Database of all known international programs, funds and sources of funding for media projects at any stage of creation.

Film generator

A tool for creating media products that allows you to organize a team, find funding, set up production and distribution.

Search for studios

Marketplace of offers of content creation or turnkey services from Ukrainian studios.

Film Guild in figures

We are not about money, we are about efficiency and KPI, so any result of each project is measured in numbers.


Specialists in the database


Average number of hires per month


Projects implemented with the support of

FAQs and answers

The first database was created in 2019. At that time, it was just a notebook with contacts of several dozen specialists.

This is the experience of the specialist's skills, which determines the responsibility that he is ready to take on. These levels are subjective, but after completing several orders, the specialist can receive feedback from the client. If the specialist matches his assessment, he will receive the status of a "confirmed" specialist. If his real level is lower than the specified, then the status of "amateur".

When you need to quickly find a specialist, you can sort the list of required specializations and choose the level that is needed for a particular project, taking into account the need and available budget.

No. There is no 100% objective system for assessing the level of skills. However, thanks to recommendations and experience, the system provides very close to reality data, which will be closer to objectivity as you use the database. The final decision always remains with you.

The database is filled by participants and users. Everyone can enter and edit data in the presented databases on the IMDB principle. Also, a bot with artificial intelligence has been created and is currently being tested, which searches for specialists through the analysis of posts on Facebook and adds them to the database.

Editing is possible through your personal account Click on the avatar icon on the top right and go to your personal account to make changes to your record

Just write a corresponding request to All your account data will be deleted except for fraud information (if any). You will be denied access to all services and products of the Guild.

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