Database of all known international programs, foundations and sources of funding for media projects at any stage of creation.

How to find fundraising

How can I access all the fundraising opportunities known to the Film Guild for my project?

Our awesome features
Get access to the database

Access options are listed below

Our awesome features
Specify the search parameters

The more detailed the parameters of your search are specified - the more accurate the result will be

Our awesome features
Search without specifying a country

You do not need to specify the country in which to seek funding. This will significantly expand the number of options. It is possible to get funding in any country through partnership with local producers, whose contacts you can get from the Film Guild

Our awesome features
Explore the information

Explore all the options that the search has produced, find partners and fill out the appropriate forms to submit your project

Our awesome features
Writing applications

Fill it out yourself, or, if you need help, contact the Film Guild for the appropriate service.

How to get access to the fundraising database

How to access the database for 1 day

Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

If you sent funds to the account of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, you will get a day of access for every $100 of support

Financial support of the project

10$ to support the project for each day of access

Adding a new program

If you have information about funding programs that are not yet in the database of the Film Guild, then when you add a new program - you get access.

Supplementing data

You can add information about existing funds that do not yet have certain items of information (links, budgets, description, etc.)

Check the availability of the program

Here you can check whether the program or fund you know about is in the database and whether the information about this program is filled in. If this foundation is not in the database - add the program and get full access to the database.

Get access

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