Ukrainian Film Society

If you are a Ukrainian film professional traveling the world, join the Ukrainian Film Society and find projects, information, support and just the opportunity to communicate in your native language with colleagues anywhere in the world.

How it works for producers

If you are a producer and plan to conduct professional activities in another country, then get the following support:

What to apply for

Access to the database of all Ukrainian projects, among which you can choose those that you decide to submit for funding to local film foundations.

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With whom to apply

Ukrainian specialists who came to this country earlier will help you to get acquainted with the local market, its features and rules, recommend options for further activities or invite you to the project.

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Through whom to apply

You will get contacts of local producers with whom you can get acquainted personally, drink coffee and discuss the possibility of co-production partnership when submitting projects to local funds.

Our awesome features
Where to apply

You will receive information on all local film production funding programs and all available information on submission details.

Our awesome features

How it works for film professionals

If you are a film specialist, you have the following opportunities

Where to get a job

You will receive contacts of local Ukrainian film professionals and will be able to consult about local specifics of film production and market demands

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To whom to get a job

If there are active projects launched by Ukrainian producers, you will have priority in organizing the team

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How to get a job

Local laws, rules, organizational or documentary conventions may not always be logical and understandable. If there is information on certain peculiarities that a Ukrainian film professional should know - you will get access to it

Our awesome features
How to have fun

Opportunity to receive invitations and tickets to local professional events, film festivals and parties as a representative of the Ukrainian film market

Our awesome features


Here are the priorities that are set for each project that is implemented with the support of the Film Guild in the world.


It is determined through KPI indicators set at the start of the project

Ukrainian teams

Ukrainian specialists and services get the maximum number of positions in the project from possible (but not at the expense of quality)


Each project is open for monitoring its progress for a team of experienced producers and is standardized in terms of organization mechanisms. This makes it possible to optimize the project, additional levels of control, avoid force majeure and accumulate experience

Ukrainian idea

If possible, each project should mention Ukraine as a independent and strong country


According to the results of each project, relevant reports are created, which indicate tips and useful links that became known during the project. They are freely available to all film professionals in Ukrainian.


Each specialist undertakes to meet the qualifications and obligations specified by him. In case of proven non-compliance, violation of the contract or community rules - the specialist forever loses the opportunity to participate in any projects related to the Film Guild

Mutual aid

At any opportunity to support the Ukrainian film specialist - we support. If it is possible to point out a mistake - we do (personally). If possible to share experience or useful information - we share.


The maximum possible amount of taxes from the project that is paid should be paid in Ukraine. The legislation of Ukraine should not be violated in any way during the implementation of projects.

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